Archangel Raphael messages and transmissions

Transmuting the energies of the Earth – Inner Child Group 23 March

An extract from our latest Inner Child Group. To join our future groups please go to //

Extract from the 16 March Inner Child Group

Archangel Raphael speaks about a group of angels on Earth who have been given the powers to completely change people's lives.

Energy updates – 8 October

Regular energy updates from Archangel Raphael.

Clearing – active past lives and core life issues, suppressed expression

Use daily to keep yourself clear.

Current times – going deeper, not being left out, foreboding predictions, high energies on Earth, purging old paradigm

Clearing Trauma

Archangel Raphael guides you through a trauma clearing process, calling in other angels for support.

To support this project, please go to //

Energy updates – 19 June

Latest energy updates from Archangel Raphael.

To support this project, please go to //

Clearing – 10 May

Archangel Raphael clears the energy for anyone listening.

Energy updates – 10 May

Archangel Raphael talks about the latest changes in the Earth's energy.

Energy updates – 22 March

Archangel Raphael talks about how to be in the time of self-isolation.

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